thesarahshow: Pineal Processor. Sarah Zucker, 2019.The third eye...


Pineal Processor. Sarah Zucker, 2019.

The third eye functions as the central processor of information sent and received through the human network.

Part of Nervous Systems, a GIF + Video Art Series commissioned for the 2019 PrintScreen Festival through a grant from Asylum Arts.

Nervous Systems is a GIF + Video Art series by Sarah Zucker conveying an esoteric view of the Internet as the functional extension of the human nervous system. The series visualizes the progression from the primordial telecommunication of the natural world through mycelial networks, to the physical broadcast antenna of the human nervous system, into the Internet as the ethereal extension of humanity as it attempts to coalesce into a unified organism through its technology.

The series merges the Materialist and the Mystical in considering the unseen messaging systems within and without.