Fancy Nothing is a celebration of weird art for our weird times, curated by Sarah Zucker – that's me!

I began the @fancy_nothing instagram account in the spring of 2019 to highlight the Art and Media that excites and inspires me, using my own intuitive guidance in selecting pieces that seem to reflect truth (and humor) about our current human condition.

This year, I've explored themes of Gorgesque – the merging of the gorgeous and the grotesque – and Sparklism – All things sparkly, extra, ostentatious and spectacular in defiance of their lowly incarnation.

Portrait of Sarah Zucker by Bronwyn Lundberg

I've been creating visual art myself for as long as I can remember, first getting serious about film photography as a teenager and then moving into Video and GIF art in 2011. I began creating fashion designs out of my video pieces in 2016 under my own moniker, thesarahshow, and I love to give people a means of expressing their tastes and personality through clothes.

I'm pleased to offer my designs through the Fancy Nothing line of VHS Glitch Art Clothing and Accessories as of Fall 2019!

I craft all my images using a combination of vintage analog video equipment, VHS cassettes, camcorders, and original animation footage and drawings. These designs have become quite popular among those looking for a vaporwave / retrowave / synthwave aesthetic for their iridescent palette and evocation of 80s + 90s neon fashions

You can read more about me (Sarah Zucker) on my website. You can follow my adventures in video art on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr

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Below, you can find the Fancy Nothing manifesto, which outlines my curatorial vision for the Fancy Nothing project.


Fancy Nothing Logo – a curatorial project about weird art


May 22nd, 2019


The Current Sea was first formed in early 2013 as a means for our merry band of muppets to make a living outside of traditional models of employment. We began as a web design team, and by mid-2014, had transformed into a full-service GIF Art Studio. As our lives took diverging paths, I reimagined The Current Sea / @thecurrentseala as my solo curatorial project in 2017.

For the past year and a half, I’ve kept this project alive and advancing through pure instinct. I’ve maintained only two loose guidelines: each post is informed in some way by the previous one, and each volume of posts has a theme. Since September 2018, this theme has been “gorgesque.”

Gorgesque is a word I felt I needed, so I made it up (honey, she loves to name a thing). The merging of the gorgeous and the grotesque is an aesthetic trend I’ve noticed growing throughout early 21st century arts and culture, as well as my own creative explorations. Like a neon slime mold creeping across the forest floor, preparing the landscape for what’s to come.

It feels as though we’ve been circling the same forms since the 1980s, my entire lifetime, the final stages of the modes we’ve been dealing in since the Renaissance. Our attitudes keep going round and round, faster and faster, as our lived lives become more virtual – and less physical – with every passing day. Gaining distance from our monkey bodies, the visual impressions of our corporeal existence are becoming alien –and sort of funny– to us.

Transcendence is a bumpy road, and artists, like shamans, snatch fire from the gods to guide us through this narrow passage. Everywhere I see creators taking up obsolescing forms and attenuating them, pushing them to the nth degree, celebrating them by accentuating their strangeness. We are squeezing out any remaining meaning to be found in a final surge of glorious decadence.

This weird art will break us through the barrier. With a trail of expressions each sillier and less substantial than the last we are being led to a Community of Integration. Spirit is returning as the essential component of our continued expansion, and the value of Material on its own must be questioned and redefined.

We are waking up to the fact that All which is Real is also Artifice. Consensus reality is its own work of art, constructed by collective intelligence. It’s a maze for us to find our way out of without being destroyed by the Minotaur of our base impulses, to fly above without getting burnt by the tempting overconfidence of our primate minds.

And so, from here, I wish to focus on that which is sublimely unsubstantial. Those works that seem to be winking at us and reminding us that our fleshbound experience is undergoing a transformation.

With this essence in mind, this project will henceforth be known as:

fancy nothing

Because what even is all of this? And how can it at once satisfy us completely while leaving us wanting?

The name came to me when I was thinking about LaCroix, the iconic beverage of our time. A grapefruit farts in some fizzy water, and everyone goes gaga for it (myself included). What is it, if not fancy nothing?

In honor of this metamorphosis, this new volume will be called:


All things sparkly, extra, ostentatious and spectacular in defiance of their lowly incarnation – a natural celebration of Spirit consuming Matter. Plunging your hands into the muck and pulling diamonds out of the swamp. Setting up camp to mine the Sacred from the Profane.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey thus far, and I hope you enjoy this next chapter.

Sarah Zucker

fancy nothing